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SESSION FEE: $250 FOR 75 minute session.

Contact me about private sessions.

Often clients come to me while experiencing a healing crisis of some kind. Others are interested in expanding their lives but find themselves returning to unwanted repetitive patterns despite their best efforts.


Whether the challenge is physical, emotional, or psychological, we work together to understand the nature of the subconscious beliefs at the root of it and spark the healing process through these connections.


My work is based on the fundamental idea that all pain is an invitation to heal the heart. Healing comes first, from understanding the power of subconscious programming, how experiences, thoughts, words, and emotions all play a role in what ails us. And, from that place of awareness, consciously rewriting our programming in a state of compassionate self-acceptance.


My private practice, retreats, and workshops have been designed and refined through work with individual clients for over two decades. I act as a guide and facilitator in personal healing, incorporating a variety of healing modalities including yoga and meditation, hypnotherapy, energy work, nature walk sessions and heart meditation.

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