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Manav Sadhna is a nonprofit organization based in a quiet corner of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram, Ahmedabad. Our mission is simply to serve the underprivileged. At Manav Sadhna, we navigate with the philosophy of love all, serve all. By seeing God in every individual (Manav), mere service is transformed into worship (Sadhna). To this end, Manav Sadhna is engaged in constructive humanitarian projects that cut across barriers of class and religion while addressing issues faced by socio-economically neglected segments of society. In executing this mission, Manav Sadhna is guided by Mahatma Gandhi’s unshakable beliefs in love, peace, truth, non-violence and compassion.
I’ve had the great joy and privilege to volunteer at Manav Sadhna for the past three years. Each time I travel to Ahmedabad I am overwhelmed by the loving embrace of this community! In theory, I am the one “helping out,” but again and again I find my own heart opening more deeply, my own spirit renewed and my enthusiasm for life recharged in this precious corner of the universe. Thus far, I can speak only a few words of Gujarati (although I’ve promised to learn much more before my next visit!). I can say, “Inhale deeply!” and, “Exhale completely!” along with “You are looking very beautiful today!” But as it turns out, words are not so necessary here as we are all speaking the language of love and laughter. 
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