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Anne Novak Yoga & Healing

Kundalini Lounge Yoga & Lifestyles

Stay Connected with Anne and Her Newly Released Online Classes

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Connect to your soul workshop
  • Kriya for emotional and mental balance
  • Foundation for infinity
  • Subtle body kriya for refinement
  • Introduction to kundalini yoga
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation and mantra
  • Posture and mudras
  • Exercises for head-ache prevention and relief
  • Meditations to heal depression and so much more!
Kundalini Yoga With Anne Novak Video

Kundalini Yoga Video Course

Radiant Health & Authentic Happiness

Video Course

  • This instructional video series is the next best thing to private training! 
  • Two different warm-up sequences and three yoga sets and meditations to choose from
  • Anne’s accessible, inviting style will instantly make you feel comfortable no matter what your fitness or experience level!
  • Boost your health and fitness, your mood and your lifet! 
  • Relax deeply with the healing sound of the gong
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