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Anne Novak is a teacher, author and healer whose work on the study of healing and pain has helped thousands. She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation since 1999, leading retreats and workshops in the United States, London, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, and Africa. She also teaches teaches locally and maintains a private healing practice in Connecticut. 


Anne is a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a Member of the Yoga Alliance, an ACE-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a background in physical therapy, and a certified Hypnotherapist who has been working in the health and wellness industry for over thirty years. 


Her YouTube videos have been viewed by hundred of thousands of students world-wide. She has published multiple e-courses including the Radiant Health and Authentic Happiness series. Currently, she is writing a book series on living, loving and healing. 


In her private practice, she is a guide and facilitator in personal healing. Among the many healing modalities she uses in her practice are yoga and meditation, hypnotherapy, energy work, and heart meditation. 


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